Sculpture Section –  

Well done to all our sculptors who entered into the 2024 exhibition.
Selector.  Kay Bazzard

Entering the 2024 Sculpture Section

We invite sculpture artists to submit an entry to the 2023 Artfully Yours – Art Hawke’s Bay Exhibition, being held April 29 to May 11th

The final selection and winner will be judged at the venue by our guest selector Glen Colechin.

The winner’s prize will be $300.

The sculpture may be any subject but we encourage you to have a reference to Hawke’s Bay if possible.

Sculptors may display a price on works for sale. Commission will be taken on items sold as for other exhibition entries.

Entry is limited to one per person. The dimensions of the work to be no greater then 750mm x 500mm x 1800 high…smaller is acceptable.


Closing date for sculpture entries is Friday 28th April 2024,
You are asked to bring your sculpture to the venue (Community Art Centre, Hastings) for the final selection on Saturday 29th April 2024

Please note: Sculpture Artists do not need to belong to a Hawke’s Bay Art club.


2024 Winner Zandra Schofield
2024 Highly Commended Mike Sheely

Clare Sadler – ‘Not Firewood’ 2023

<strong>Mark Simpson There is Hope Spoken<strong>
<strong>Mike Sheely A chained Box<strong>
<strong>Jil of Aotearoa The McNear<strong>
<strong>George Lomas Watermelon Bowl<strong>
<strong>Viola Trotman Dream Illusion<strong>
<strong>Zandra Schofield Flume<strong>
<strong>LHasselman Feeling Good<strong>

<strong>Valarie Brimeau Rabbit Patrol<strong>