Open Night

Receiving Day 27 April between 4.30 to 6pm…..
Hanging of exhibition will now be on 27th April after 6pm
If you wish to help hang at that time tick the box as normal and we will be in touch.

Floor Talk with our selectors will be Sunday May 5th at 10.30am at Arts.Inc Russell st.

You may also post your entry form to: 1239 Ada St Parkvale HASTINGS

2024 Exhibition Form
Indicate if your details may be used in Artists’ contact register, made available to the public
what information do you want shared? – Select all that apply
We require volunteers to assist with receiving, hanging and collection.
RECEIVING – 27 April, 4.30pm
HANGING – 28 April 10am onwards.
OPENING NIGHT SERVERS -29 April, 5.30pm.
COLLECTION – May 11, 10am. Can you volunteer for the exhibition?
Which dates can you help?
Do you wish to be in attendance during the exhibition opening hours?

Entry 1

Entry 2

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Entry Fee: Before 19 April – $12 each. After 19 April – $20 each.
Please pay to bank account ART HAWKE’S BAY 03 13690161407 00.
Please confirm that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions before submitting your entry. PLUS: If you are volunteering please read that section before submitting – Thanks.

SWING TAGS- ALL ARTWORK MUST HAVE A SWING TAG ATTACHED TO BACK OF PAINTING ON A STRING THAT IS LONG ENOUGH TO HANG OVER THE FRONT OF PAINTING…. On your swing tag do add your club, name of painting, medium and price. This should correspond with your entry form…