2024 Exhibition


Exhibition Winners Photos
Well done to these artists
also well done to all our artists who entered into the Art Hawkes Bay 2024 Exhibition

Our selectors for this year are:

Sculptures. Kay Bazzard
Painting-  Tryphena Cracknell
Both Hawkes Bay Artists



Peoples Section

Svetlana our winner of the people section also Mystery Prize

Zandra Schofield

Sculpture winner- Zandra Schofield

<strong>Waters Breath Sculpture<strong>
Heading Home Highly Commended Mike Sheely <strong>Sculpture<strong>
Aileen Duckett- Art Unlimited Winner
Wisteria Aileen Duckett <strong>Winner of Art Unlimited<strong>
Winnie van Amelsvoort. Winner Land
Cloudy Skies Winnie van Amelsvoort <strong>Winner of Land<strong>
Ray Sievert- Highly Commended... Art Unlimited
The Gardeners Shed Ray Sievert <strong>Highly Commended<strong>
Millie Cameron- Schools Winner
WaitingMillie Cameron winner of <strong>Schools<strong>
Caroline Moriarty- Best in Exhibition
Heading Home Carolyn Moriarty<strong>BEST IN EXHIBITION<strong>
Ken Nysse- Highly Commended- Water
Ken NysseClarity in Nature<strong>Highly Commended Art Unlimited<strong>
Hester Van Amelsvoort... Winner- Water
Hester van AmelsvoortAfter a long day at Art Deco<strong>winner WATER<strong>
Graham Stitchbury- Highly Commended- Land
Graham StitchburyRakiura<strong>Highly Commended Land<strong>
Ian Thompson- Winner Abstract
Ian Thompson Warm and Cool Winner <strong>Abstract<strong>

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