Best in Exhibition

The Best in Exhibition prize is $400, awarded in addition to any other prize won.

Art Categories

Each art category has a Best in Category prize of $300.  Subjects did not have to be Hawke’s Bay related but we encourage you to have a reference to Hawke’s Bay if possible. Artists must be members of a Hawke’s Bay art group.

  • Land
  • Water
  • People
  • Abstract
  • Art Unlimited

To assist artists, here are broad descriptions of the above categories:

  • Land – the depiction of natural surroundings.
  • Water – includes the element in any of its forms, e.g. steam, snow or rain, running water or still water.
  • People – includes portraits, crowd scenes, figures in motion or stationery.
  • Abstract – does not attempt to accurately portray a visual subject. Instead it uses line, shapes, colours and composition.  In this category, we also include semi-abstract art which has an easily recognisable subject but the form is stylised.
  • Art Unlimited – can include pets, flowers, livestock etc.  This is our open category.

Special Categories

  • Sculptures – Best in Category prize of $300  – see the Sculpture page for more information.
  • High Schools – Best in Category prize of $250 – see the High Schools page for more information.
  • Mystery Prize – $350 – how do you qualify?  Ah that’s a mystery, just enter your favourite works!
  • People’s Choice Prize $75

See our Terms and Conditions and Exhibition Entry Form.